The Poorboys and I will play at Tadg’s Irish Bar on Kiyamachi (Kyoto) on Friday, January 31. We will be joined by the amazing Yun-han on percussion and the amazing Ryotaro on accordion.
( ) We will share the stage with the Wildcards. This event will be a support event for Tadg and staff to help with their move, so please throw into the hat if you can.

The following night we will play at UrBANGUILD ( Kyoto)
Mark Dodds with the Poorboy Ensemble & ryotaro
Ally Mobbs
OPEN 19:00 / START 19:30
adv.2000 yen with 1drink / door.2300 yen with 1drink

I will be doing some solo gigs in Nagano in Feb which I’ll post soon, and the Poorboys and I will also play at TogaToga (Kyoto) along with ROTH BART BARON from Tokyo on 1 March (Saturday). More details to follow soon. Please join us!

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